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Stream feat. Billy Hart : Stream Review

Stream feat. Billy Hart : Stream Review

stream-cdSTREAM is a German jazz ensemble consisting of Sebastian Gille (tenor-and soprano saxophone), Christophe Schweizer (trombone), Pablo Held (piano), Joris Teepe (bass), and Billy Hart (drums). The ensemble celebrates the very essence of jazz, working as a collective to create emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating music. Bridging generations and cultures, STREAM forges well-written compositions with creative improvisations as a unit centered around the legendary jazz drummer Billy Hart. STREAM is releasing their new self-titled album on Yellowbird Records. The nine tracks consist of all fresh compositions by Christophe Schweizer, Pablo Held, Sebastian Gille, and Joris Teepe, and one standard, “Body and Soul.” The music ranges from intricately structured melodic writing and rhythmically driven energetic tunes to free improvisations and introspective ballads.

“One Day” opens the album with Held playing a beautiful voiced chordal piano introduction. The ensemble builds to the statement of the melody on soprano saxophone. The straight-eight feel is swirling with energy, and Hart propels the ensemble with power and direction. The counterpoint between the saxophone and the trombone is entertaining and filled with beautiful tensions and releases. Hart, who turns 80 in 2020, plays with virtuosity and energy, his interaction with the soloist is deeply inspiring

Another highlight is “Medipack,” which contains a beautiful melody, creative band hits, and a deep pocket. Gille’s solo is flowing, and his tone is controlled. Teepe’s bass solo builds in intensity and register as he plays through the changes. Schweizer’s is a treat, his tone and feel capture the mood and energy of the song. The many colors that Hart produces on the drum kit is why he has played with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Stan Getz, Charles Lloyd, and many others. His energy and color palette can be heard on more than 600 recordings.

Stream is an enjoyable set of music. There are well-written passages, melodic solos, spirited group improvisations, and the ever percolating buoyancy of Hart’s drumming. Offering a wide range of jazz feels, and texture, Stream will have something for every jazz fan.


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Stream feat. Billy Hart

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May 15, 2020


Yellowbird Records


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