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Davisson Brothers Band : Home Is Where The Heart Is Review

Davisson Brothers Band : Home Is Where The Heart Is Review

Musical Homage to Heritage: Review of ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ by The Davisson Brothers Band

DAVISSON-BROTHERS-BAND-cdThere’s something to be said about the soulful roots of one’s upbringing shaping their artistic expression, and the Davisson Brothers Band encapsulate this sentiment profoundly in their third album, Home Is Where The Heart Is. The album is a heartfelt ode to their home state, West Virginia, a tribute to their own lineage and culture; it’s a chronicle of their journey that seamlessly intertwines personal stories with evocative melodies.

The Davisson Brothers Band are as non-conforming and fiercely independent as they come, their musical versatility and genre-defying sound echoing the rawness of the Appalachian way of life. As you dive into the album, you experience a captivating blend of country, rock, traditional Appalachian music, and American pop – a sonic cocktail that presents their homeland’s essence in vibrant, high-definition audio.

The album starts on a poignant note with the track “Home,” a nostalgic piece that pulls the listener back to the band’s roots. The moaning pedal steel and expressive violin transport you back in time, grounding you in the reality of deep-hollow homesteads, while the lift in the vocals during the chorus will send shivers down your spine with the tale of chasing dreams and finding one’s true purpose. The song is a testimony to the band’s journey, a reflection of their ethos to stay authentic to their art and their roots.

“Mountain High” brings forward the pride of their Appalachian way of life with a rootsy gospel funk that is as infectious as it is evocative with its full vocal harmonies and fiery fiddle solo. “Eastern Kentucky,” with its muddy-river blues, is a raw, gritty guitar-led example of the band’s origins. Meanwhile, “John Deere Tractor” slows things down a bit, letting country music’s golden era shine through with grace and authenticity. The violin and pedal steel tug at the heartstrings, perfectly complementing Donnie Davisson’s expressive vocal parts.

“We’re still evolving and going new places, but most importantly, we represent our family, our home state,” says lead guitarist Chris Davisson. This ethos shines brightly throughout the album, the band’s journey, and evolution reflected in the depth and variety of their tracks.

The Davisson Brothers Band’s core line-up boasts a unique blend of talents: Chris Davisson’s masterful lead and slide guitar work, Donnie Davisson’s impassioned lead vocals and rhythm guitar, the steady underpinning of Gerrod Bee’s bass guitar and backing vocals, along with Aaron Regester’s percussive drive on drums. This core team is further enriched by contributions from big names in the industry like Brent Cobb, David “Ferg” Ferguson, Tim O’Brien, and Rob McCoury, among others. Their collective genius merges seamlessly with the Davisson’s authentic sound, forming a unique, compelling narrative that keeps the listener engaged.

Ultimately, the band’s third album is not just a collection of songs; it’s their values, heritage, and belief in being “loyal to where we come from” captured in a journey of their roots and their evolution. The band continues to evolve and explore new musical landscapes, but they always circle back to their roots – the two acoustic guitars, the front porch, the deep-hollow homestead. And it’s this authenticity that resonates the most, transforming Home Is Where The Heart Is into a powerful, personal, and immersive sonic journey through the Davisson Brothers’ world.

As the last notes of Home Is Where The Heart Is fade, you are left with a sense of having traveled through the untouched landscapes of West Virginia and experienced a slice of the Davisson Brothers Band’s journey. Home Is Where The Heart Is is an album that makes you not just a listener, but a traveler, an adventurer, a part of the Davisson Brothers Band’s world. It’s an audacious musical odyssey that celebrates authenticity, pays homage to heritage, and encourages every listener to stay true to their roots. It’s more than an album – it’s a heartening reminder of the power of home.


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Davisson Brothers Band

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Home Is Where The Heart

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April 28, 2023


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