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Maisie Peters : The Good Witch Review

Maisie Peters : The Good Witch Review

Maisie Peters’s The Good Witch: A Technicolor Dream in a Monochrome World

Maisie-Peters-Sound-In-Review-CDFasten your seat belts, fellow sonic adventurers, and prepare to journey into the whimsical wonderland of Maisie Peters’s latest album, The Good Witch. If you are looking for a seasoned guide to guide you through this enchanting soundscape, then look no further. I’m your Evocative Storyteller, bringing to life every note, every lyric, every raw emotion etched into the fabric of this album.

Our first stop is “The Good Witch,” the title track, our lodestar. Can you feel it? The dreamy, atmospheric soundscape that sets the tone for the rest of our voyage. A post-breakup phoenix rising, the song pulses with newfound power and strength. A hauntingly beautiful ode to self-realization, it tugs at the heartstrings and gives us a taste of the emotional feast to follow.

“Coming of Age” beckons us next, a bittersweet anthem of growth and discovery. Peters doesn’t shy away from the pain of maturing, painting a poignant portrait of lost innocence yet promised hope. Remember those teenage years when the world seemed an oyster and the pearls were just a little bit too far out of reach?

Each track unfurls like a chapter in a beloved book, building on the narrative arc that Peters has so masterfully crafted. From the buoyant, self-empowering “You’re Just a Boy (And I’m Kinda the Man)” to the playful “BSC,” Peters dons the mantel of the Gen Z bard. “Body Better,” a raw confession of self-image struggles, is a humbling reminder that even stars like Peters grapple with insecurities. Isn’t it comforting to know that we’re all sailing the same stormy seas of self-doubt?

The pièce de résistance has to be “Wendy.” A delightful trip to Neverland, sprinkled with pixie dust and a yearning for magic and maybes. It’s a lovely jaunt into the realm of heartbreak, a nostalgic nod to our collective childhoods, imbued with Peters’s unique, emotional spin.

The threads of Taylor Swift’s influence weave through Peters’s work, a nod of recognition rather than imitation. The stadium-sized energy of “The Band and I” echoes Peters’s unmistakable signature, a thrilling departure from the charming girl-next-door of You Signed Up For This. It’s as if Swift’s Fearless took a detour through Sussex, picking up the charm and wit that Peters delivers so effortlessly.

The Good Witch is a prism, refracting technicolor joy and casting playful shadows on our familiar world. It’s a Gen Z chronicle brimming with earworm melodies, relatable lyricism, and atmospheric sonics that transport you to a parallel universe crafted by Peters’s imagination. Dare we say it’s Peters’s finest hour?

The lingering question, my fellow music enthusiasts, is not if The Good Witch is a jewel of a pop record; it unquestionably is. It’s whether you’re ready to dive into its dazzling depths and let Peters’s enchanting voice be your guide. Ready for the plunge?


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Maisie Peters

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The Good Witch

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June 23, 2023


Gingerbread Man Records

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