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Tal Yahalom : Lights Out Review

Tal Yahalom : Lights Out Review

tal-yahalom-cdTal Yahalom is a Brooklyn, New York-based Israeli-born guitarist, and composer. His musical focus is to put together a wide variety of beautiful components into a definite musical language. His influences are hard-bop, alternative-rock, impressionistic classical music, free improvisation, and contemporary songwriters from various genres. Lights Out is his second solo guitar release and one that Yahalom presents four original compositions, which are performed on classical and acoustic guitars. A collection of music that organically came together was composed, recorded, and brought to life entirely during the pandemic between July and September. Yahalom says that the music was “Greatly inspired by Marc Ribot’s ‘Silent Movies’ – which to me is one of the most beautiful solo guitar records of all time.”

“Sleepless” is the beginning selection with Yahalom performing on steel-strung guitar. Featuring a lyrical melody and Yahalom’s finger-picking various layers beneath, the relaxing ambiance yields to a peaceful mind. Yahalom brings out a variety of ideas as the counterpoint progressively animate around each other with finesse. The pummeling patterns of his plucking spurs the rhythm and keeps things centered.

“Solace” is presented on the Nylon-strung guitar with elements of classical and jazz; this is a beautiful composition. Yahalom has a soft touch on the guitar, and his phrasing uses pauses and spaces as he flows with purpose and direction through his composition.

The pieces on Lights Out explore a varied dynamic range, playing with space, gentleness, and a warm tone, along with various types of counterpoint. Lights Out allows escaping the difficult times we live in and find moments of comfort through well-written and performed music.


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Artist Name

Tal Yahalom

Album Title

Lights Out

Release Date

September 30, 2020




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