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Tommy DeCarlo : Dancing In The Moonlight Review

Tommy DeCarlo : Dancing In The Moonlight Review

tommy-decarlo-cdTommy DeCarlo is a new name to me on the rock scene. DeCarlo is currently the lead singer of Boston and DECARLO. DeCarlo is releasing his debut album as a solo artist on Frontiers Music Srl called Dancing In The Moonlight. I enjoy hearing Boston on my classic rock playlist and the radio, but I have not kept up with the band’s current material. So DeCarlo’s vocal chops are new to me but are ideally suited for the classic AOR of the ’70s and into the ’80s. Dancing In The Moonlight is a strong debut for DeCarlo and will bring more awareness to his vocal abilities.

“Change Our Fate” opens with a melodic harmonized guitar melody, the sounds of the 80s. DeCarlo’s vocals are full and filled with power and momentum. The recording and mix also capture the classic 80s sound, creating a complete package of an authentic rock sound. DeCarlo’s vocal range is impressive as the song’s form plays out with multiple guitar layers and backing vocals. Likewise, David Julian’s guitar solo is melodic and classic in form and structure.

“The Game is On” has a textured crunch guitar part that DeCarlo’s powerful vocals float over. Again, the vocal backgrounds add depth, textures, and interest, especially to the pre-chorus and chorus. The song captures the balance of the energy of rock without being too heavy to offend pop music fans; DeCarlo’s music is universally appealing. The piano interlude is another example of how the song has many textures and a broad appeal.

Tommy DeCarlo has a beautiful rock voice that brings to mind the classic 80s rock sounds and the richness of vocal prowess of that era. The instruments are excellently recorded and mixed, giving the strong songwriting qualities of each song even more appeal and memorability. If you enjoy Boston and 80s rock, this is a must-have album.


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Artist Name

Tommy DeCarlo

Album Title

Dancing in the Moonlight

Release Date

December 9, 2022


Frontiers Records s.r.l.

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