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Amaranthe Countdown Review

Amaranthe single “Countdown” Review

Amaranthe-HELIX_1500pxAmaranthe has released a single from their new up-coming release HELIX (OUT OCTOBER 19.) The single (with video) is titled, “Countdown” and is a well-written tune that has all the qualities that make this melodic metal band shine. This is a new direction of Amaranthe, now armed with a new singer Nils Molin, the almighty Amaranthe are taking leaps forward in their sonic evolution with a male/female front line that brings new dimension to the soft and hard side of aggression.

“Countdown” contains lyrics that might seem a shade darker than your typical Amaranthe song. With huge distorted guitar parts and a powerfully driving beat. Molin and Ryd work well together and the two bring a sonic variance to the music that is ear- catching and built on different timbres and strengths.  The band has kept their melodic sensibilities as a focus while retaining a cutting-edge metal sound. “Countdown” is a heavy helping of the full course onslaught that this band has in store for us with HELIX.  Amaranthe continues to be one of the most unique, musical, and focused bands on the heavy scene.



Elize Ryd — Vocals

Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson — Screams

Nils Molin — Vocals

Olof Mörck — Guitar, Keys

Johan Andreassen — Bass

Morten Løve Sørensen — Drums

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September 28, 2018


Universal Music Oy



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Utterly electric performances by all three vocalists, “Countdown,” features the textural differences between each singer seamlessly. The driving pulsation of the tune with heavy beats and riffs give it a metal sound, with a highly polished chorus, that radiates a high velocity melody. The accompanying video certainly offers a lot of eye candy, as certainly intended.

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