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Colton Dixon Review, Pop with a message

Colton Dixon Review, Pop with a message

colton-dixon-cdColton Dixon is back after a three-year hiatus with a new self-titled EP. The five songs on the project reveal a modern pop centered sound for the award-winning and history-making singer, songwriter, and producer. The lyrics direct his growth with the songs being informed by authentic experiences. To find this space, Dixon challenged himself to not only adapt to personal and professional challenges but also pursue them. After signing with Atlantic Records, he flew out to Los Angeles for dozens of writing sessions. Colton Dixon is his debut for the label and working with producers such as Robopop (Maroon 5, Lana Del Rey), the late busbee (Timbaland, P!nk, Gwen Stefani) and Grant Averill (The Holdup), to name a few. Under the influence of everyone from OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons to Adele, Justin Bieber, Lauv, and Shawn Mendes, Dixon is thriving with his new creative ecosystem.

“Miracles” was the leading single for the project and is also the opening track for the EP. With a steady pop dance beat, Dixon sings the positive lyrics with sincerity and control. “There are several themes on the EP, but it all goes back to hope,” Dixon said. “My goal is to spread hope. I see a lot of people looking for hope, and I’d love to come alongside of them and show support. I’ve learned so much about love. Love isn’t always a feeling. Love is a commitment. Love sometimes means sacrifice. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to write about some of these things in the project. It’s really me.” The sound quality is excellent, and Dixon sounds natural and in his element with the pop sounds surrounding him.

“Devil Is A Liar” continues the electro dance-pop theme with a meaning positive message. Dixon’s voice blends with the production, and the rhythm in his singing propels the melody. “I’ve written so many songs over the past three years,” Dixon said. “Even though the world probably won’t hear them all, I enjoyed every session. I’ve gotten to write with people from all different beliefs and walks of life. We were able to have real conversations about faith, family, struggles, and life, in general. I hope these songs reflect those conversations and inspire you to have conversations of your own.” His message of faith is strong in “Devil Is A Liar.” The bridge has a catchy breakdown riff with added vocal counterpoint and a distorted guitar. This section is magical.

Colton Dixon has five songs built on a positive message and Dixon’s strong singing skills with full pop production. Each selection has multiple layers from the band and singing parts that give the music a vibrant and dynamic sound. Dixon’s music has a storyteller’s flair with his ability to convey the lyrics beautifully and in a way that a wide range of audiences can relate to. Dixon is proving to be an artist that can evolve over time and expand his sound, which will result in an even more extensive fan base. Colton Dixon is an encouraging project with a pop referential that is evolved and steeped in inspiration.


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Colton Dixon

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Colton Dixon

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May 1, 2020


Atlantic Records

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